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Swisse tops sales during China’s Single’s Day shopping festival

Monday 12 November 2018, China: Alibaba’s TMall International has crowned Swisse the no.1 health brand and no.1 imported consumer brand across industries, after Swisse sold more products than any other brand during China’s Single’s Day shopping festival, which concluded at midnight last night.

Oliver Horn, Swisse Managing Director, said “Single’s Day is China’s biggest shopping event and is a barometre of how popular brands are in the market.”

“This is a fantastic result for our team who are focused on developing high-quality, premium products that provide health and lifestyle support for our global consumers,” Mr Horn said.

“This continues Swisse’s momentum in the China market, where we were crowned the most popular imported brand by Alibaba’s TMall International during Single’s Day festival last year.”

Mr Horn said that Swisse launched its Single’s Day campaign with a massive pop-up store and one of China’s hottest new stars, 22-year-old singer and dancer Zhu Zhengting, in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Place on Friday.

More than 1.254 million Chinese viewers tuned in to the live streaming of the launch, where Zhu Zhengting, who experienced a huge surge in popularity among young Chinese women and men after participating in China’s ‘Idol Producer’ show this year, made his first public appearance as spokesperson of Swisse’s new Golden Collagen Blood Orange Liquid product, part of the beauty nutrition range.

The pop-up store combined ‘health, beauty and play’ concepts to resonate with the younger consumer market – those born from the 1990s onwards – who are increasingly focused on their health.

“Zhu Zhengting is a fantastic, energetic and well-loved next-generation idol,” Laetitia Garnier, H&H Group Chief Strategy Officer and Swisse China Managing Director, said.

“We are joining Zhu Zhengting to advocate a positive attitude towards life for our young Chinese friends under heavy study, work and life pressures – and encourage young people to pursue a fun, energetic and healthy life.”

Swisse is part of H&H Group’s house of health and wellness brands, and is rapidly expanding internationally. In H&H Group’s 2018 third quarter operational results, Swisse’s global sales grew 29.3% in the nine months ending 30 September compared to the same period last year – the China market accounting for 37.1% of Swisse’s total global sales over this period.

For more information contact: Emily Dunn, Swisse China Government Relations Manager, Emily.Dunn@hh.global

About H&H Group

H&H Group, founded in 1999, is an international lifetime nutrition and wellness provider. The company’s family of products includes premium probiotic supplements for children, vitamins and supplements for all ages, skincare, infant formulas, baby and children’s food and baby care products such as bottles, diapers and soothers.

H&H Group is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01112) and has brand operational head offices in Australia, France, China and the U.S., with additional teams in the Netherlands, U.K., Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand and Ireland.

Striving to become a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care, and highest quality vitamins and supplements, H&H brings together premium consumer brands on the journey to making people healthier and happier:

  • Biostime – the global leader in premium infant nutrition and children’s probiotics
  • Swisse Wellness – Australia’s leading natural health brand of vitamins, supplements and skin care
  • Healthy Times – ‘Baby’s favourite’ organic food, cereals and biscuits since the 1980s from California in the U.S.
  • Dodie – a famous French baby brand since 1957, specialising in breast-feeding support, glass bottles and baby accessories
  • Good Gout – one of the fastest growing organic baby and children’s food brands from France.

The H&H Group is leading a journey of wellness. The name – Health & Happiness – was chosen because of the fundamental belief that the way we live our lives, and the choices we make, directly impact the joy we experience.

For more on H&H Group visit www.hh.global