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2019 Brands and Products Expo at Kunshan


Life Hub @ Kunshan is Chongbang Group’s first project located in Jiangsu Province. The 160,000 square meters commercial plaza comprises of retail, tourism, culture and entertainment sections. The building integrates local features into the architectural design, in order to fully express the innovative architectural style in a commercial space.

With the aim of promoting the resources and characteristics of Kunshan, a Brands and Products Expo at Life Hub @ Kunshan, will be put together along with the help of the local government.

Brands (with a focus on business, tourism and culture) from Czech, Bulgaria, Australia, Turkey, Fiji, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Argentina, Chile and Sri Lanka will participate in this event to promote products from all over the world to Kunshan City.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to join the Expo.

For any enquiries you may have, please contact Jessica Yao at jessica.yao@chongbang.com or Jessie Zhang at jessie.zhang@chongbang.com.