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Western Australian Trade Office - China

Western Australia covers 1/3 of Australia in size and has 10% of its population. In 2010 Western Australia accounted for 15% of Australian GDP, 44% of its exports and 70% of Australian exports to China. Its per capita GDP is 30% above national average. Western Australian exports to China, the State's largest export market, were worth A$41billion in 2010, nearly half of US exports to China in 2010. China is Western Australia’s largest market for iron ore, alumina, nickel, mineral sands and agricultural & fisheries exports. Significant Chinese investments in Australia are mostly in Western Australia, with investors including almost all China’s major steel mills, petroleum companies and largest airlines. Chinese investments in Western Australia include iron ore, bauxite, nickel, LNG, molybdenum, base metals and lithium and pilot training. Since 1996, Western Australian Trade Offices in Shanghai and Hangzhou have provided free consulting and liaison service to Western Australian companies interested in trade with and investment in China and to Chinese companies interested in trade with and investment in Western Australia.

Western Australia's main export sectors include:
-Mineral and energy resources such as iron ore, alumina, nickel, base metals, salt, mineral sands and LNG
- Wheat, barley, oats, fine foods, premium wine and agri-business
- International education and training
- Marine and defence
- Mining services
- Tourism
- Environmental management services and technology
- Information and communications technology
- Biotechnology
- Culture and creative industries
- Building and construction.

More information on Western Australia can be found in the following websites: www.westernaustralia.cn (Chinese only) www.dsd.wa.gov.au www.westernaustralia.com (Tourism only) www.migration.wa.gov.au www. commerce.wa.gov.au www.dmp.wa.gov.au (online data base for minerals and petroleum) www. pertheducationcity.com.au www.agric.wa.gov.au


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