Rewin Law Firm: Interpretation on Catalogue of Industries for Encouraging Foreign Investment



Interpretation on Catalogue of Industries for Encouraging Foreign Investment (2022 Edition)

作者:粟伟炜 郭倩雯

Author:Vivian Su Daisy Guo

两个月前,国家发展改革委、商务部等部门联合印发《关于以制造业为重点促进外资扩增量稳存量提质量的若干政策措施》(“《若干政策措施》”),聚焦制造业引资,提出了“高标准落实外资准入后国民待遇”“支持制造业外资企业进出口”“引导制造业外商投资企业国内梯度转移”等15项具体措施,着力提高利用外资质量。我们也对上述政策措施做了解读,详情请查看我们公众号于2022年11月11日发布的双语版《六部门印发新政策:以制造业为重点 推动外商投资企业高质量发展》(上下篇)。

Two months ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly issued Several Policies and Measures on Promoting Foreign Investment to Expand the Increment, Stabilize the Stock and Improve the Quality by focusing on the Manufacturing Industry(“Several Policies and Measures”), focusing on attracting foreign investment in the manufacturing industry, and proposing 15 specific measures such as “To implement the national treatment after the admission of foreign investment with a high standard”, “To support the import and export of foreign-invested manufacturing enterprises”, and “To guide the domestic gradient transfer of foreign-invested manufacturing enterprises”, etc., striving to improve the quality of foreign investment utilization. We have also interpreted the above policies and measures. For details, please check the bilingual version of “A New Policy Issued by Six Departments: Focusing on the Manufacturing Industry to Promote High-Quality Development of Foreign-Invested Enterprises” (Part I and Part II) released on our official account on November 11,2022.

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