Process & PDD Branding Salon


Brand Innovation & Evolution

Date: 11 Sep 2018
Time: 13:30
Address: B1 Li Meeting room, Radisson Blu Plaza XingGuo Hotel

In such a competitive market, outstanding brand identity is always the best way to increase brand image in customers’ mind. Innovation and evolution are both important ways to turn an enterprise into a new page.

Process Group (a Swiss leading agency in Branding consulting) and PDD Innovation (a British design and innovation consultancy) will share their successful cases studies on how branding company innovate with their products, offering attendees a better understanding and clearer picture on how companies upgrade, and what our company could do.


Martin Kessler: Process Group founder
Charles Ingrey-Senn: PDD Innovation Shanghai Principal
Chantel Huang: Process Group Shanghai Managing Director


Process will share successful retail and consumer goods cases both in Switzerland and China, include the evolution and the benefits of those clients.
PDD will share experience and tools on promoting innovation in the consumer and FMCG space and the value created by placing the consumer at the centre of innovation programs.

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