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New South Wales Government : Global Summit Series

Education is changing at a fast rate and becoming more complex everyday. How do we ensure students are well prepared and ready for the next phase of their lives? How do we embed active and collaborative pedagogies into our university courses?

Join us and hear from one of Australia’s leading academics. Professor Shirley Alexander, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will share their journey to ensure students graduate with the attributes to be successful in their future careers.

UTS is one of Australia’s leading universities with a specialist focus on technology across all careers. Prof Alexander has been integral in driving the thought embedded within the UTS Learning Futures strategy. This unique UTS approach reengineers subjects to enable students to experience a seamless integration of the best of online and face-to-face on campus learning. As part of a $1B campus redevelopment, Prof Alexander has driven an agenda to build the learning spaces of the future. These spaces enable the active and collaborative pedagogies to ensure students are connected to real-world problems in all lectures, tutorials and workshops that include deeply embedded industry connections.

Prof Alexander will share the UTS strategy and take questions from the audience to deep-dive into how this thinking can be translated to your education institution.

Summit Speaker

Professor Shirley Alexander

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology Sydney

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education and Students) Prof Alexander is responsible for key priorities in teaching and learning at UTS, the student experience, and the use of data analytics in all aspects of the university's work. Prof Alexander has led the learning programs at UTS for more than 20 years as DVC, Dean of Education and Director of the Institute of Interactive Media and Learning.

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