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Nihao Global's Medical Products HUB Secures 50 Million Boxes of Nitril Gloves in 5 Days

With the high demand on PPE globally the team at Medical Products HUB has had one particular disposable product in high demand, Nitril Gloves. The Medical Products HUB was recently approached to provide 50 million boxes per month under a 12 month contract for Nitril gloves.

From initial contact to quotation took 5 days to gain support from suppliers for the quantity. Whilst it may not be that unique for such a large order (although its big) the USA client added a curve ball to our team – no China manufacturers due to potential risk of 25% Tariffs. Coupled with this, they wanted the product white labeled. The Medical Products HUB team coordinated sufficient supply (exceeding the quantity amount) and delivered at the requested price.

Pricing generally for large orders currently for Nitril Gloves ranges from US$6.00 to US$7.40 per box of 100 depending on label and specifications.

Chairman, Nigel Blair said, “people underestimate the current demand for PPE and also the depth of the Medical Products HUB marketplace that we have created, some of our suppliers individually are producing in excess of 120 million units per month.”

Working in partnership with our suppliers and logistics companies we hope to be able to support more groups needing the proper product at a fair price.

About Medical Products HUB

Medical Products HUB www.medicalproductshub.com is a division of Nihao Global www.nihaoglobal.com, it is a trustworthy digital marketplace for legitimate buyers and suppliers to find medical products at a fair price. The Medical Products HUB is supported by a number of Governments for the supply of medical products. With nine (9) Product Categories of certified products and close to 200 products, the Medical Products HUB is a one-stop-shop end to end purchase platform for the purchase of medical products.


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