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The New World of Wealth: SJP Asia Client Conference 2021

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Join us at our annual St. James’s Place Asia Client Conference where we bring together a leading panel of experts to explore how investors can create a positive impact in their lives and the world they live in.

This Conference aims to help our clients and investors understand and define the impact they want to create, the obstacles that can often get in the way of making healthy investment decisions, and the steps you can take given today’s market outlook.

This conference will cover:

  • Behavioural biases and the psychology behind making healthy investment decisions
  • Making an impact and managing our emotions throughout the rollercoaster of investing
  • Opportunities for impact, achieving long-term stability and sustainable returns.

Wednesday 17th November 2021

5:00PM TO 6:30PM (Beijing Time)

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Daniel Crosby

Chief Behavioural Officer
Orion Advisor Solutions

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organisations understand the intersection of mind and markets. Dr. Crosby recently co-authored a New York Times Best-Selling book titled, Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management.

He also constructed the “Irrationality Index,” a sentiment measure that gauges greed and fear in the marketplace from month to month. His ideas have appeared in the Huffington Post and Risk Management Magazine, as well as his monthly columns for WealthManagement.com and Investment News.

Rob Gardner

Director of Investments, ExBo Member at SJP
St. James's Place Wealth Management

Rob is the Investment Director on the executive board for St. James’s Place Wealth Management, and CEO of St. James’s Place Unit Trust Group Limited.

He is responsible for the Investment Proposition to help Partners grow and protect the wealth of their clients. He is an advocate for financial education and founder of the charity RedSTART. Rob authored the children’s book Save Your Acorns to teach children how money works.

Johanna Kyrklund

Group Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Multi-Asset Investment

Johanna is the Group CIO and Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments for Schroders.

She joined Schroders in 2007, previously having worked at Insight Investment and Deutsche Asset Management in various fund management and asset allocation roles. As Group CIO, she oversees investment performance, philosophy and process for all asset classes (excluding private assets). As Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments, she is responsible for investments on behalf of multi-asset clients globally.