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The Excellence Convention: Elevate Your Success

“Experience a life changing event and jumpstart 2021 with energy, focus and goals to make this your best year ever!”

The Excellence Convention was created by Full Potential Partners (FPP) together with a group of internationally recognized coaches to have a positive impact on individuals from all around the world to elevate their career and life success.

Covering multiple time zones across the continents, this is a one-day international virtual event with experienced coaches based around the globe, delivering life-changing business and life related webinars.

Take full advantage of the Excellence Convention by experiencing a portfolio of impactful business and life webinar topics offered by our internationally recognized and culturally diverse coaches and trainers. Choose whichever topic interests you, and join whenever it fits your schedule. If you want to maximize your growth, join all of them with our all-in-one ticket!

Unleash your potential

We all have an innate talent inside of us that is waiting quietly to be unleashed. At The Excellence Convention, our experienced coaches want to guide you to become the best you can be! Find the key to unlock your full potential with us at The Excellence Convention.

Improve the way you work, live, and engage with others

On average, we’ll spend over 90,000 hours of our life working. At The Excellence Convention, our trained coaches are determined to help you take control of your life again by providing professional guidance on how you can improve your career and lifestyle today.

So mark your calendar on Sunday, January 10, 2021, set your alarm to make sure you tune in on time for the topics that interest you, or join all of them to unlock your potential and kick start 2021 the right way! Get your Early Bird tickets now for RMB88 before it ends on January 3rd, or RMB188 for a regular ticket.

This is a non-profit event and all ticket proceeds will go to the Million Tree Project.

The Shanghai Roots & Shoots Million Tree Project, which began in 2007, aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world. By planting trees in Inner Mongolia, the Million Tree Project is designed to improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions there. The project gives individuals and organizations an opportunity to fight climate change by planting oxygen-producing trees. It also encompasses true capacity building as the local population is intimately involved with, and benefits from, every step of planting, maintaining and monitoring the trees.

For more details about speakers, webinar topics, time slots and registration, please visit www.excellenceconvention.com.

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