Training Workshop: Productivity & Growth Mindset Development

AustCham Shanghai invites you to attend a leadership workshop on productivity and growth mindset for leaders. This workshop will be a condensed an hour and a half program delivered by Janine Jakob and Maria Pastorelli from Full Potential Partners. It is aimed at attendees who want to achieve peak performance and unlock their potential.


Full Potential Partners (FPP) provides business consulting and training in communication, soft skills, and general well-being. FPP’s services include but are not limited to executive coaching, career transition coaching and life design. These services support individuals and companies in maximizing effectiveness and productivity both at work and at home.

Full Potential Partners has worked with:

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3:30 PM - 4:00 PM


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Workshop delivered by Janine Jakob and Maria Pastorelli

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM



Janine Jakob
Founder of Full Potential Partners Shanghai

Founder, Soft Skills Trainer, Peak Performance Coach Janine Jakob from Germany is the founder of her company Full Potential Partners Shanghai (潜智(上海)商务咨询有限公司) who moved to China in 2017. After 7 years of work experience at global Fortune 500 IT company Hewlett-Packard Germany, she founded the Happiness Association and ByeByeBorders in Suzhou. In parallel, she studied International Business to receive a Master of Arts at German Munich Business School and her Master of Science at French SKEMA Business School in Suzhou.

Janine is a passionate founder and former event host of several networking organizations like Girl Gone International Suzhou. She bridged intercultural relationships at InterNations Suzhou. In her 2,500 people online community Monday Morning Motivation China, she offers daily support on well-being, motivation and mindset.

Maria Pastorelli
Founder of BRIDGE

Global Effectiveness Coach and Trainer & Public Speaker Maria is the Founder of BRIDGE and has lived in Shanghai since 2010 where she moved to continue her studies of Chinese Language and Economy at Fudan University. Maria has nearly 10 years of experience in workshop facilitation with focus on Cross Cultural Awareness, Communication Effectiveness, Leadership, Team Management, and Productivity. Her strengths are creating and delivering customized engaging and effective programs to both individuals and global groups to enable people to put their best work into the world. She has co-founded Monday Morning Motivation, a 2,500 people inspiring community that targets everyone who wants to develop healthy and sustainable habits through both online and offline events where she offers daily support on well-being, motivation and mindset.