Training | OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Introduction

Introducing the goal setting methodology

What Exactly are OKRs, and Why do I Want Them?


In this session, Business Performance Consultant, Rita Malvone, will introduce the power of OKRs – the goal setting methodology that companies like Google and Intel use to maintain a focus on the Objectives and Key Results that matter most, right now.

This interactive training will include discussions on how to create an OKR cycle, tips for success, and risks to avoid.


Rita Malvone

Business Performance Consultant

Based in Shanghai and New York, Rita Malvone is a Business Performance Consultant driving companies to operate better, smarter, and faster. She creates bespoke solutions for her clients to deliver increased profitability, efficiency, and strategy.

Rita moved to Shanghai in 2012, as Strategy Manager for Ford Motor Company. In that role, she created the organization strategy for the Purchasing Department, identifying strategic priorities, designing organization efficiencies, and delivering programs to increase employee productivity and streamline the operations.

Rita is a certified coach, trainer, and facilitator. Her career has included supply chain and procurement leadership roles at Ford Motor Company, Colgate Palmolive, and Unilever. Rita has a BSBA from Boston University Questrom School of Management, and an MBA from Wayne State University.