Training: Cross-Cultural Training-Virtual Communication

Join us for a two-day training session on Cross-Cultural Training-Virtual Communication.

Objectives and Content

A rise in global mobility enables international and cooperation across cultural and regional borders. Working in virtual environment is our reality. However misunderstanding and obstacles can happen more often. In this workshop you will develop solutions to cooperate with your global team members. Cultural factors that influence virtual cooperation will be introduced. You will get an overview of chances and risks of different channels of communication for global team work.

Target Group

Everyone who is working in global projects which is over distance and firms that need to cooperate with colleagues, team members around the world.


The workshop will include the following main topics:

  • Cross-Cultural Factors in Cooperation
  • Communication in Virtual Teams
  • Dealing with Critical Situation and conflicts
  • Trust as a Success Factor in Virtual Cooperation
  • Process Design in Virtual Cooperation
  • Leadership in a Global Team
  • Media Tools for Virtual Communication

Trainer: SinaLingua

SinaLingua is an enterprise specialised in cross-cultural management training. By developing specialised training materials and methods through our own senior trainers, SinaLingua has now become one of the leading training companies in Cross-cultural training in Germany and China. Our major clients include VW, BMW, BASF, Bayer, SAP, Bosch, etc. As the designated training partner of German Chamber of Commerce in Germany, SinaLingua’s training products were selected as "Excellent Training Product“ by Germany's renowned 'Stiftung Warentest'.

To join this training session contact Connie Zhang.

Language: English
Fee includes lectures, course materials, lunch