Training: Convincing & Influential Power - Persuade Others and Sustain Impact

Join us for a two-day training session on Convincing & Influential Power - Persuade Others and Sustain Impact

Objectives and Content

In today’s ever changing and challenging work environment, your managers strongly rely on your ideas and input as an experienced employee to drive the business. Nevertheless, many well-trained experts of all industries are rich in creative ideas but lack influence and the power and abilities to push for them and persuade others. In this workshop you will gain core insights and learn on how to access and evaluate the main motives and triggers, that in the best way will support your new ideas, concepts, and plans etc.

Subsequently, you will learn and train essential skills to organise, design and deliver them in way that is easy for your managers to grasp and comprehend the core issues in a very time efficient way. By applying these "best-own-practices", you can make sure you have a lasting impact.

Target Group

Everyone regardless of industry or function but specifically someone who:

  • Wants to successfully deliver one’s ideas
  • Wants impact on decision, decision makers and project stakeholders
  • Has an own set of potential and new ideas, concepts, project etc.
  • Is responsible to create, report or even implement them


  • Accessing, analysing & understanding the situation, expectations & needs of your audience & decision-makers
  • Shape & crystallise the core of your ideas
  • My strengths/weakness: What attitude, skills and knowledge will I need to successfully demonstrate & persuade
  • Setting realistic targets
  • Defining the strategy for organising, designing & delivering on my line of argument
  • Types of listener & counter-arguments & how to deal with them
  • Communication: non & para-verbal, body language etc.

To join this training session contact Connie Zhang.

Language: English
Fee includes lectures, course materials, lunch.