Training | Building Powerful Presentation & Design Techniques

The secret to professional success


Whether you are a business owner, executive or an executive Assistant – your presentations have a notable impact on how you’re perceived by your competitors, your superiors and your peers. This training will improve your PowerPoints skill to a new level.

Part 1: Building Powerful Presentations

Building PowerfulPresentationsTM has been designed to fill a learning gap that is rarely addressed: How to craft a powerful, professional presentation that achieves cut-through and delivers on outcomes. In today’s world of competing communications, this is crucial – whether it be to influence, or simply to inform.

This comprehensive and highly practical program is based on years of experience seeing first-hand how well-constructed.

How to craft a powerful, professional presentation that achieves cut-through and delivers on outcomes:

1. Improve credibility

2. Engage audiences

3. Facilitate decision-making, and

4. Move people to take action


Building PowerfulPresentationsTM provides a proven, effective framework for preparing and constructing presentations that:

1. Quickly identify issues and communicate key messages

2. Display information in a manner that is relevant, impactful and easy to understand

3. Drive people towards appropriate actions and outcomes

The program is divided into the ‘4 Pillars’ of effective presentations



Part 2: Design Techniques

This comprehensive program involves step-by-step guidance on how to design a presentation that is impactful, visually elegant and effective, using PowerPoint’s built-in tools. The program covers core principles of presentation design, distilled over many years by our designers to significantly improve the way messages are delivered and received. No more ‘Death by PowerPoint’!

Previous design experience is not required to benefit from this course. All that’s needed is an intermediate level of PowerPoint skills, a laptop and access to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2013.

Participants learn visual techniques and tools, including how to use layouts, slide masters, visual elements, icons, animations and transitions to create a fluid, multimedia-style presentation that will impress, but most importantly engage your audience.

Here are the 3 core principles of presentation design:





Lee Featherby
Managing Director, PowerfulPoints

Lee Featherby began working with presentations design over 30 years ago. In 2003, he has formed PowerfulPoints, specifically to address what he saw was a strong need for organisations to improve their presentations to match the changing audiences influenced by the internet and other emerging technologies.

Since then he has designed presentations for some of Australia’s, and the world’s, most prestigious companies…organisations like McDonalds, Visa, Coca Cola, GE and Microsoft. 7 of Australia’s top 10 companies come to PowerfulPoints for help with their presentations for either presentation design or training.

Since starting PowerfulPoints, Lee has been involved with the development of presentations where the “at stake” was worth over $3 billion and mentored and coached numerous presenters to deliver powerfully and with authority in the most pressured situations.

Having worked with international audiences for the past 5 years, Lee has learnt the intricacies & challenges of presenting to an audience whose first language isn’t English.