Training | Art of Storytelling in Business Presentations

With physical meetings and social gatherings being discouraged under the current situation, there is a lot of information exchange without seeing each other and people often get confused in the process. It is more important than ever to be able to craft our messages effectively to keep our staff and stakeholders well informed to gain trust. In this online workshop, Gary Lo, a seasoned storytelling trainer and TEDx speaker will share with you some practical story frameworks and real-life examples to help you communicate more effectively in our everyday business presentations.

Key learning outcome:

  • How to use Storytelling to make our communication more effective and convincing
  • How to enhance audience engagement through creating customized stories
  • How to develop clear and concise yet impactful messages

Workshop Outline:

  • Audience Analysis: How to create relevant content based on audience type and interest
  • Building Context: Using relevant background information to build our story foundation
  • 3-H Rule: Building a “tree diagram” to structure a solid and easy-to-follow proposition
  • Information Mapping: How to build “layers” for our information to create a logical storyline
  • S-P Model: Creating the key “plot” in our story to get our audience’s buy-in
  • Action Titles: Developing story titles for each piece of information to build a coherent flow

Workshops or Seminars - Proposed

1. How to Build an Effective Coaching and Mentoring Culture

2. Next Generation of Human Resources

3. How Leadership Development Engages Talents & Leads to Sustainable Business Growth

4. Talent Management – What Works?

5. Identifying, Assessing & Selecting Tomorrow’s Top Talent

6. Applying Design Thinking for a Joyful Life

7. Design Thinking for Human Resources

8. Communication skills for the Workplace / Effective Team Communications

9. Effective Agile Performance Management Process

10. Building and Accelerating Team Performance

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Gary Lo
A seasoned trainer and TEDx Speaker

Gary is a seasoned trainer and TEDx Speaker with extensive corporate experience. He spent most of his career working at some of the most admired Fortune 500 companies including LVMH, Apple Inc., Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline and Nestle, with a scope covering the Greater China & APAC region. He was the former Head of Marketing & Admissions for the HKUST MBA Programs, and now serves as a Guest Lecturer for the HKU SPACE Institute for China Business and Nielsen University. He is also an appointed career coach for top Universities in the region, where he has trained thousands of MBA and Masters students, professionals and corporate executives from all around the world. He is a high impact presentation winner and has made over 1,000 public speeches in 30 different cities. He is also a Udemy Online Course Instructor with 40,000+ students globally. Various top-tier corporates have invited him as an instructor, including J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, UBS, HSBC, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Chanel, Bulgari, Swarovski, Intercontinental Hotels Group, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Walmart, FedEx, Nielsen, Warner Music, AIA, Prudential, Manulife etc. He is an Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner endorsed by authoritative organizations such as ABNLP, INLPA, NLPU etc. Gary holds an MBA degree from the HKUST Business School and also a Mastering Design Thinking Certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management