Training: 7 Steps to Effective Problem Solving for a High-Performance Team

Join us for a training session on the 7 Steps to Effective Problem Solving for a High-Performance Team.

Objectives and Content

Problem solving technique with seven steps is one of the keys to a successful lean implementation because it empowers all of those involved. Lean manufacturing has a unique way of solving problems. It does not just look at the effect of the problem and tries to handle the false outcome. Rather, the root cause of the problem is identified and the root cause, as well as all contributing factors, is eliminated from the system, process or infrastructure in order to permanently solve the problems. In this training, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and methods of problem solving.

Target Group

This training unit is developed for engineers and experienced employees in production management and quality control.


  • Definition and objectives of problem solving
  • Problem solving cycle
  • Step 1: Problem description
  • 5W2H
  • Step 2: Corrective action
  • Step 3: Root-cause analysis
  • Ishikawa diagram
  • 5 Why Method (Alternative)
  • Pareto Diagram (Alternative)
  • Step 4: Measure identification
  • Step 5: Measure selection
  • Step 6: Measure implementation
  • Step 7: Preventive actions
  • Learning by doing: case studies
  • Application cases at the demonstration line
  • Experience summary

Language: English
Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch.