Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning

The world and markets in which we operate are becoming more complex and
uncertain - and the pace of change keeps accelerating. Join us for an insightful development session on Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning.

We find that many of the traditional approaches to strategy and planning are less useful in these complex and uncertain times. Because of the uncertainty, many “best practice” approaches are less useful. We need to find other techniques to cope with the complexity and uncertainty.

The advances in neuroscience and “behavioural economics” have given us powerful new insights into the way the brain functions when thinking and making strategic decisions.

Our program will focus on key areas to improve strategic thinking and planning for the future

The session will focus on:

The mind of the strategist: What do we know about the way that effective strategists think?

Insights from behavioural economics: What are key implications strategic implications of the fact that people are predictably irrational?

Building scenarios of the future: How can we plan for the future in a complex and uncertain environment?


Dr Norman Chorn


Norman is a strategy and organisation development practitioner who works in Australia, UK, New Zealand, China and South Africa. After leaving a leading consulting firm, Norman founded a strategy and research firm with affiliations in UK and North America.

His work combines the research and insights from neuroscience, strategy and economics. It addresses:

  • Strategy in highly uncertain environments, using various approaches such as scenario planning and neurostrategy
  • Organisation development
  • Designing and developing innovative organisations - Growth and corporate resilience – achieving growth and adaptation.

Norman has published widely in his field and has contributed to a range of journals and international conferences. His recent books include: Strategic Alignment and The Future Builders which deals with the practices of creating the future and organisational adaptation in uncertain environments.

Prior to his consulting career, Norman held a variety of senior Marketing and General Management positions in the services and manufacturing sectors.

Norman is a director of the BrainLink Group and an Ambassador for Thought Leaders Global. He is also a non executive director of three businesses and not-for-profit organisations.