Nanjing Mixer @ Element Fresh

<p>Joint Chamber Nanjing Mixer</p>

AustCham Shanghai and the AmCham Shanghai Nanjing Center invite you to join us for an evening mixer at Element Fresh in Xinjiekou with the Western business community. During the session, Nick Moritz, founder of Wolfpack Response will provide an his view of entrepeneurship in China.

Startups crave marquee customers. Established firms thirst for inspiration. While we do see more and more established firms reaching out to the crowd and startups, there remains a deep gulf preventing these entities from feeding off of each other.

What can startups do to “grow up” enough to speak the same language as their target clients, and how can bigger firms “loosen up” enough to let their next big breakthrough walk right in the front door (or the back)?

Join Wolfpack Response founder Nick Moritz as he facilitates a truly interactive, engaging and audience-wide discussion on approaches we could develop to facilitate “BigCo./LittleStartup” interactions that provide lasting, fundamental value for both.