Co-working & Co-living: Fad or Future?

AustCham Shanghai's Built Environment Industry Forum presents an expert panel who will discuss the revolution of co-working and co-living.

One complimentary beverage included.

Join our extensive panel brought to you by AustCham Shanghai's Built Environment Industry Forum, as they discuss the revolution of co-working and co-living from a myriad of perspectives:

  • Joburt Betadam, Managing Director of HKS China
  • Kelly Min, City Head - Shanghai of Atlas Workplace
  • Julien Buon, Sales Director of Steelcase Asia Pacific
  • Todd Gill, Founder and CEO of Cohost.

The panel will challenge the notions of co-working and co-living spaces to determine whether they're likely to stick around - fad or future? To do so, they'll explore the major underlying questions:

  • What’s next in co-working and co-living spaces?
  • Are the working and living environments we're moving towards creating flexibility or isolation?
  • What are the impacts of these new co-working environments on output and do people really know how to make them 'work' for them?
  • The sharing community is constantly growing based on a range of assumptions. Do we need to review where we are going with these assumptions? How much sharing is too much sharing?
  • What is the future going to look like - are we maturing or replicating?
  • What's true? Claims and counter-claims on the benefits of co-working and co-living.

Joburt Betadam
Managing Director, HKS China

Joburt is the is the Chairman of AustCham Shanghai's Built Environment Industry Forum and Managing Director for HKS China, one of the largest architecture firms in the world. Joburt will offer a unique perspective founded in both industry experience and practical experience in architecture, real estate and construction.


Kelly Min
City Head - Shanghai, Atlas Workplace

Kelly has more than 10 years working experience in the international hotel industry from operations and sales to marketing. Kelly will contribute a deep sense of the market and industry to the discussion.

<p>Julien Buon</p>

Julien Buon

Sales Director, Steelcase Asia Pacific

Julien has been working in China for over 13 years and in a sales role for over 10 years. Julien will bring a strong focus of customer service to the discussion.


Todd Gill
Founder and CEO of Cohost

In 2017 Todd founded Cohost Group, a Shanghai based developer and operator of long-term premium co-living apartments. Thus, Todd will share insights from the point of view of a provider.